The Grandest Rose…

One beautiful rose that stands the grandest out of all the others on the rose bush. Youthful, vibrant, perfect. It’s blossomed into the world strong and courageous. Ready to face any storm that may come its way! It stands tall and strong for the smaller roses to admire and be inspired by it, to become strong and vibrant as it is one day! It protects the smaller roses by sheltering them when the raging storms come against them. It gives shade to them when the relentless sun bares down on them. When the rains have not come, it sacrifice its needs to the well being of its smaller roses and then take what’s left without complaint. Many seasons have now come and gone. Many seasons It’s endured the elements to protect and provide for its smaller roses. Somehow it is still the focal point of the rose bush and is still on top! Now, its color is not as vibrant, its petals slightly torn and weathered. The little roses it provided for and protected so many seasons, have now grown vibrant colors and are beautiful and strong. The little roses that the grandest rose so tenderly cared for are now grown. They now are the grandest rose’s foundation and support system. The many seasons they watched and admired it care for their needs before it’s own, have now switched roles. The Grandest Rose needs come before theirs now. Humbly they sacrifice themselves for its needs to be met before theirs. Once again many seasons will come and go. However, one day the focal point of the rose bush will be gone. That fateful day will come. Yet, to look at the rose bush now and how fragrant, beautiful, vibrant, strong and healthy it is, you wouldn’t realize the grandest rose has faded away. The roses prospered and grew through the sacrifice the grandest rose made for all the seasons. The rose bush looks more lush, fuller and more beautiful than ever. How can this be when the Grandest rose is gone. The Grandest Rose will fade away physically one day in everyone’s lives. However, the rose will always be alive and well because of the values and lessons instilled in it’s young roses! The Grandest Rose will continue to shine through it’s

smaller roses and their smaller roses and so on. Beautiful and delicate, the grandest rose will blossom again one day. Except there will be no more sacrifices, no more storms and struggles of life to come against it. The Grandest Rose will be more vibrant and stronger than ever, where no petal or leaf will wither. The Grandest Rose will be basking in the light of ,The Rose of Sharon and Lilly of the valley, forever and ever. The physical matters of life will fade away over time. Memories will last forever.

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