The HOPE garden

Corn, tomatoes and some squash in the back, just can’t be seen20180701_105527. One of my TBI therapist suggested for me to do this to help occupy my mind and focus on individual tasks. I’ve watched this garden progress and grow. This morning it made me think of how we can look at life from two perspectives. Negative and Positive. “Negative- I have to tend to this EVERYDAY and work on it and pull weeds and rocks out and water it and it takes so long for it to grow and it’s hot outside, I give up, it’s a waste of time…..”

“Positive-(not to sound conceited or boastful but proud, accomplished),I planted each seed and seedling, I tended to it, I got the weeds out and the imperfections in the soil. I cared for this by watering it and helping it sustain it’s life. Look how lush and beautiful everything is growing. Everyday I worked hard. I accomplished this and soon many will enjoy the benefits of my hardwork.”

Then I thought, this is like the recovery stages of not only my TBI but any life changing event. Yes, alot of negative and little positive over the past year of my life. It’s taken a lot of hard work relearning how to do things and having to learn new ways to do old things and to continue learning. I realized recovery is like my little garden.

The injury/hurt phase- you were the damaged soil with weeds,rocks and roots that needed tending.

The rebuilding phase- you’re the planted seed. Therapy/Rehab the hard work to create a environment for progress and growth of your new life. To tend to this life each day.

The new “me” phase- not being able to see the growth and flourishment of yourself during your recovery but you’re growing. Think back to the start of rebuilding your life after your injury/life changing event. The sorrow, the hardwork, the tears, the suffering, the constant tending. It doesn’t get easier BUT new life sprouted and began to grow. You live it everyday so you can’t see your growth but others can. You’re not ready to be”harvested” just yet but “WHEN” ,(NOT IF), the day comes you feel you’re ready, so many people will benefit from you. HOPE!


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