The Weakest Warrior, No More….


This invisible wound and injury are now your enemy. A mighty blow has taken you down but only to one knee.
Your strength has diminished. Satan and his demons scoff and say “you are finished.”
Your hopes and dreams of life are scattered on the ground. You look to your left, your right and down, but nowhere insight is help to be found.
You stand to brace yourself on shaking legs. When a ray of light burst through the dark clouds, you yell for the Almighty to hear your pleads and begs!
You feel the Heavens began to rumble. A deep boisterous voice speaks like thunder!
The voice proclaims, “Never have I left you, never have I forsaken you. I am the MIGHTIEST WARRIOR. The battles you face, I WILL fight and WIN for you!”
A new found strength and courage now abides in you. It is deep and goes to the very depths of your soul.
While once standing on weak and trembling legs, ready to be taken out with ease. Satan and his demons see you are now again down on both knees.
Believing now you are at your weakest, they advance on you believing this is your time most bleakest.
Because prior battles against you they know they’ve won. Thinking a fast quick attack, you will be done.
Charging for you, they come from the front, the sides and the rear. You slowly stand to your feet and you know they are near. But, GREATER IS A POWER now within you. They immediately sense it and fall in fear!
One by one Satan commands them to face you and fight. Yet, each one is vanquished because of the Almighty’s Light!
Once you were wounded and bound in fear. The demons that attacked you, now run and hide in fear!
They now fall and crawl at your feet. They hear your proclamation, the HAND OF THE ALMIGHTY is on you and you are no longer weak.
Wounded and broken they believed you were the weakest warrior and could be taken out with ease.
These battles and struggles will still advance each day. However, the Mightiest Warrior will go before you and make a way.
Once you were wounded and broken down on your knees. Now you are strong and courageous yet still on your knees.
For battles are fought when you have taken a knee but now you cry out to the Almighty who has proclaimed, “THROUGH ME YOU HAVE VICTORY!”

Thank You,
Lance Lucas

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