Overcast Days…

20180602_190309There never seems to be an in between. Wake up and start the day. Which person is it going to be? Look in the mirror and you try to find yourself. You stare deep into the eyes within the reflection of the person looking back at you. Is it the person whose life is filled with pain, stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness and feelings of being useless? Is it the person who is going to conquer the day? Is it the person that will push through all of the dark adversaries and adversities that life has now thrown at you. Very somber way to start your day isn’t it? Sadly, this is how many days start off for TBI survivors. Most aggravating is the reality of these two decisions, are not within your power to choose between either. Still, your day goes forward. Is the day filled with beautiful skies and plentiful sunshine? Or is it the day that’s filled with dark clouds and wave after wave of pouring rain? These are the two ways my day will start. Frustration to the max or smooth sailing. It’s hard to try to find the positive in the many negatives you’re facing. How nice it would be to have the mood of an overcast day. By this I mean, it’s neither sunny, nor raining. It’s neither a good day or a bad day, it’s neutral. It’s the in between you long for. Overcast, the perfect mix of sun and clouds in your day. Now the day is coming to a close. You lay down, you begin to reflect on what transpired throughout the day. Did you succeed or fail in what you set out to be accomplished? Maybe you’re not sure? Let me tell you now! You’re not a failure by any means. You made it through another day of your recovery. You survived another sunny day or a gloomy day. Tomorrow is a new day! A new start to pick up where you left off the goals that weren’t met the previous day. I know the pain is disheartening. I know the memory loss, seizures and other problems down right suck! You’ve got to pick yourself up and push through each day with everything you’ve got! I know, it’s easier said than done right? You’re not alone, you’re not abandoned and you’re definitely not a failure. You matter! Find that in between. Don’t sit in despair with the days that are storming. Don’t long for the days that are clear and sunny right now. You’re healing and in recovery mode right now. Have that overcast day and build on that day. Overcast now, then the sunny days will follow. It doesn’t get easier but it gets better. Stay strong, stay hopeful and please never give up!

2 thoughts on “Overcast Days…

  1. I Personally Chose to not give up!! even (If) I have my own moments. A Pastor passed this on to me, because I shared what he spoken to us what He speaks to himself everyday. My Spirit was touched by these Words. ” This Day Is The Best Day Of My Life ” I say this everyday to myself, and share it with others. I wrote it down and pinned it around my home. No!! matter what may be going on around me. God is with me, He has not left me, nor forsaken me. Thanks for sharing!! God Bless those who will read your blogs. 🙂 Amen!! Amen!! \0/\0/

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