Gratitude,Humbleness and Affirmation through someone’s Suicidal Thoughts…

I’m so grateful for the things that this injury has opened up in my life. I’ve met so many wonderful people through support groups and therapist, that otherwise I would’ve never known existed. It’s allowed me to grow closer to my wife and family. It’s allowed me to grow closer to God. It’s weeded out the true friends from the bad ones that were in my life. A huge plus, I’ve found out, I LOVE JOURNALING and sharing it! I never thought my words expressed on paper or typed, could not only help me personally and physically see things more clearly, but it allowed my emotions to flow and get the negative out of my system. This allowed the positive to become more dominant in my life. STARVE the negative  and FEED the positive.

I’ve learned this firsthand from a stranger and I’m telling you who read this, you cannot keep things bottled up inside of you. They will consume you and drag you down into the dirt! You have to talk about your problems with someone that you can confide in. Or find an expressive safe way to simply get it out of your system. It will relieve unwanted stress and allow severe emotional barriers in your life to be torn down. You have to get it out because It can literally save your life!

As promised, without going into much detail. I had someone contact me via one of my social media links. This man was ready to end it all, but his response to me was “Hey man, you dont know me but thank you….” I said, “you’re welcome,…..Do you need to talk to me or soemone else man?” He said, “no, I’m okay now, but because of something you shared that I read, I couldn’t go through with it!” My heart dropped…. my response “Couldn’t go through with it?” His response, “yeah”……

Terryfing, encouraging and humbling to me at the same time.  When someone, I don’t know, contacted me via social media link and says “that a section of this blog you wrote, it really spoke to me and literally made me change my mind about ending it all…. I couldn’t find the answers I needed within myself but reading what you wrote helped give me the strength and courage to work through with what I am dealing with.” We continued to message back and forth for a while. He’s okay now.. he knows he can reach out to me just to talk or if the situation becomes critical again to get help from a professional or emergency services ASAP. He promised me he would.” I told him, look man I don’t know you but God loves you! He loves you enough that he allowed us, 2 complete strangers to come into contact, to work through a problem. I’m going to message you every day and see how things are going just so you know someone does care!” He finished by saying “Thanks Man.”

Something I shared that inspired someone to look at their situation from a different perspective… It’s just “WOW” to me. That’s the power of God working to reach someone in need. I’m so excited to hear of someone’s success in and of itself! Then to hear, “thank you for opening up yourself and sharing”, just shatters my heart, but in a good way! Let me explain, not complain! I constantly struggle personally with the emotion of feeling “useless” now. Then to hear that something I shared made someone say my life matters and re-evaluate their life and say I’m worth it, I matter! Words can’t describe the feeling I have. Because your decision to realize your life truly does matter, breaks down my barrier of feeling useless.

This was an answered prayer for both of us.

Who am I? I’m a nobody. I’m just a regular guy that tries to give helpful advice on life of things I’ve been through and was able to overcome. To literally have an emotional breakdown that is because of happiness is something I’ve not felt in a long time.

First: I thank God Almighty that He allowed my Post to come across your screen….I am truly grateful my Words helped you and that you in return reached out.                                                   Second: I am completely humbled that something I shared, helped encourage and motivate you to obtain a new perspective on your life.                                                           THIRD: The affirmation to allow me to be a type of emotional and supportive encouragement to read the words of a stranger and realize you matter, it simply makes my heart melt.

You sharing your story with me allowed me to have the feeling of having my place in this world again. Something you read from me was life changing for you and changed the outcome  of your life story.  What you shared with me actually turned out to be life changing for me as well. It’s what I needed to hear. You helped me. You allowed me to destroy that emotional barrier I’ve been  struggling with of feeling useless.

So gratefully and humbly I say thank you to J.E. (I promised him I wouldnt use his name. He said I could use his initials to share and for prayer warriors to lift him up in prayer.)

Laugh often, Lend a hand to someone in need and Never Give Up on yourself…. and with anything you publicly share always remember, your blog and choice of words may be the difference between life and death. You never know what someone is going through when they come across your page…YOU MATTER!

4 thoughts on “Gratitude,Humbleness and Affirmation through someone’s Suicidal Thoughts…

  1. If I never write again, I’m satisfied. The whole purpose of me sharing incidents in my life and things I’ve written in my journal were to possibly help others like it helped me. Now it’s been confirmed that it HAS helped someone. If not for my tbi i wouldve never started writing, had no interest prior.. God knows what he’s doing.

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  2. Yes He does! It brings tears to my eyes to read this because only God can take what is broken and turn it into something that reflects His beauty. I’m so encouraged by your testimony and please keep writing and sharing.

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