The Devil’s Whispered Words…

20180729_141402.pngWhat was your devilish thought the day I was injured,

Did you and your demons think you were the winner?

Were you there when I was laid out on the hospital bed,

were you Hoping you did enough that I’d end up dead?

With diagnosed words overheard the joy you must’ve felt,

Especially when the Dr. said this Brain Injury is lifelong and detrimental to his health.

At this point these were the words you whispered in my ear,

Here’s your life now welcome to confusion and fear.

Accomplished in your mission seeing my struggle with life and therapy,

You left and said now he’s no threat to me.

You did so much to infect me with anger and depression,

But you left me alone to long and I had my own soul searching session.

You prowled back in to gloat over the damage you’d done.

Only to be blinded by the Power and Light of God’s Holy Son.

Frustrated, I bet you complained to the Holy Son,

saying this one’s mine look at the damage that’s been done.

Did the Holy Son just glare at you with Eyes of Fire,

is this when you fled and hid in the corner to cower.

I bet you watch now ecstatic seeing me on my knees,

But terror when you hear me say, “only if it be your will Lord, please!”

There is nothing you can do to convince me my life is through.

For now I seek His Grace and Mercy and each day are new.

But still you point out my impairments and many other things,

Your plan is sad and useless, I am protected, I am covered, I am a child of the King of Kings.


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