20180731_000936Traumatic Brain Injury = TBI

TBI = Thankful, Brilliant, Invincible

Fatigued=My body gives out faster, but I’ll still get it done!

Neuro-Fatigued=My mind tires out from working harder, but it’s working!

Vision Problem= I Hear the truth in people!

Headaches = My alone time to reflect and soul search!

Dizziness = I get to Sit and rest a while!

Seizures = I Blank out from Life and for a minute or so, I’m absent from any problems!

Confusion = I’m going to analyze it longer but it’ll come to me eventually!

Cognitive Impairment = I can still learn, just not as fast I use to be able!

Slower Processing Speed = It might take me longer but I’ll eventually get it.

Stuttering = You bet you’re going to hear what I have to say back to back to back, but you’ll remember it.

Hearing Problems =  My Eyes will see your actions better than what your words say they’ll do!

Depression =  Push through storm clouds, they’re going to break and the sun will hit you!

Anxiety = I’ve had enough, I’m going to my Happy Place!

Paranoia = I watch my back 24/7!

Fear- More Cautious Attentative and Alert!

No matter what life has thrown at you and they diagnose you with… Do everything in your power to make it POSITIVE!


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