Straighten your Crown King/Queen

20180804_210518.jpgYour injury and diagnoses do not define who you are. What the Doctors tell you does not determine your final outcome. Your struggles let you know you’re alive. Your day to day life may be different now, but acceptance of your abilities and limitations are key to your progress.

After my TBI, my family and I came to realize the many different daily struggles I now face. Such as Seizures, Balance, Strength, Speech, Word finding, Stuttering, Fatigue, insomnia and the list goes on and on.

To wander aimlessly room to room in my own home was a daily routine. Walk into a room and have no idea why I even went in there. I try to take on the task of household chores to lighten the burden on my wife, who is now having everything placed on her to do. The never ending laundry is my goal to tackle. I felt like I had to do something to contribute to my household.

Now there are 5 people in my family. 2 boys, 1 girl my wife and myself. Each have their own closet and dresser for clothes. So now, the days I dont have therapy, I work on my chore.

After about a week into taking on my laundry chore, questions would arise from my family. “Dad, have you seen my shirt? Have you seen my pants? Where are the wash-cloths for the dishes?” My response would be, “they should be where they normally are? I know I washed and dried them and put them up.” After a day or two, clothing items would began showing up. The only issue was ,due to my TBI, I was putting them in the wrong places! I had no idea I was doing it though. Take my daughter’s socks and put them in my oldest son’s sock drawer. Have my wife’s work clothes hanging in my middle child’s closet. Everything was washed and cleaned but not where they were supposed to be.

So to correct my mistakes, while folding up and hanging up laundry, I would repeat what I was doing out loud. This goes in her room, this goes in his room, this goes here and so on. Eventually everything sorted itself back out. However, something simple as laundry, now takes me twice as long to accomplish than it did prior to my injury. This technique, taught to me by my therapist, is what I do for a lot of task now as to not get distracted and make mistakes. Repeat what I’m doing in my head and then verbally say it aloud until the task is finished correctly!

So, I was getting the laundry done! It gave me a sense of pride and gratitude. It really lifted the feeling from me of being useless! Yes, I started out struggling with it. Eventually, this technique is what helped me be consistent in doing it correctly. True it may take me longer now, but you have clean clothes on!

Seems that each goal, task or whatever the problem may be in my life, it makes me step back and look at my daily walk with Christ.

How can laundry make you think about your relationship with Christ?

Stay with me now okay!

1. Sin makes our life filthy. “Everyday wear and tear on your clothes makes them filthy”       2. The Blood of Christ and accepting Him as your Savior cleanses you! “The washing machine cleans your clothes.”                             3. Seeking God’s calling on your life and being placed where He needs you to be used for His will. “Dried clothes that are folded and hung up have their designated place.”                           4. You sin or backslide. Humbly and sincerely seek His Grace, Mercy and Forgiveness to restore you and cleanse you again. “Your clothes get dirty again, wash them again to clean them so you can wear them again.”

It’s a never ending cycle! We fail daily and need His cleansing and restoration on our lives.

So, what does your struggle with putting the clothes in the wrong places have to do with a relationship with Christ?

You’ve asked forgiveness, you’ve asked Christ to come into your heart and be your Saviour. You’ve been washed clean and dried and ready to be placed where He needs you.

The mistake begins when you stop these steps. 1. Stop Repeating the task,(your praise life),       2. Stop Saying out loud what needs to happen, (your prayer life),                                                       3. Stop Accomplishing the task by putting the items where they correctly need to be now.       (Stop being Active in His calling over your life).

To accomplish the task of laundry, I have to follow steps, a guideline if you will, to complete it correctly from start to finish. In your walk with Christ you have to follow, adhere, to guidelines He has set in place for you to complete His task for you, from start to finish.

You can’t skip steps. You can’t do what you think God wants you to do. You will fail and incorrectly place yourself in the wrong spot everytime. Follow His guideline, a prayer life, a praise life, a Bible studying life, daily seeking repentance, being active in “His Calling” over your life. If you do this you cannot fail!

We all have our individual struggles and mistakes. Nobody is perfect. There was only one who walked this earth that was and His name is Jesus Christ. We mess up and make mistakes daily. If you’re a Child of God, pick yourself back up, ask forgiveness, brush the filth off of yourself and get it out of your life. Nothing you do can keep you from the Love of God. Final thing, STRAIGHTEN YOUR CROWN! You are blood bought and are the sons and daughters of the King of Kings, Jesus Christ! You are of a Royal Bloodline.

Accomplish the task at hand He’s placed before you, from start to finish! Follow His guidline. He’s with you every step of the way.




One thought on “Straighten your Crown King/Queen

  1. Amen!! Amen!! I Strongly Agree!! I personally was diagnosed with Lupus. I refused to allow what I live with to destroy me. As you said God has a purpose for me and that is to continue doing His Will and keep giving Him Praise!! \0/\0/ as long as I’m breathing. ” Today is the Best Day of my Life ” Is what I speak every Morning!! Thank you for sharing this Bless encouraging message. God Bless You!! Good is Good!! This Queen has straightened her Crown on her head. 🙂 \0/\0/.

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