A Chapter To A Never Ending Book…

zac-durant-302752-unsplash.jpgToday I was discharged from my Brain Rehabilitation Service and Therapy Facility. I will still continue to see one therapist there for a while. This is due to a lifelong issue I have now. To have the emotions of excitement and that of somber at the same time is confusing and hard to describe.

I’ve been receiving therapy, for my TBI, for the past 11 months! Now that comes to a STOP. The progress I’ve made over the past year is great. I just feel like I’m being pushed out of the nest to take on the world and I’m not ready yet.

One may think, “well you’re finished with rehab/therapy, so you’re fine now and all better!” No this is far from the truth. I’ve learned techniques and strategies that I must use now to get through everyday life at home and out in public. I Can’t drive, I can’t work, I can’t do certain things without a caretaker’s supervision, so I’m far from “all better!”

The School season is soon to start for my children. I’ll be alone in this big empty house with my thoughts. I must keep busy, find a task to do. There’s only so much cleaning and things I can do, due to limitations I have now. I will be able to get out of the house during the week a couple of times for volunteering and different Dr appointments. To be alone in the quiet solitude of my mind and thoughts, is not a safe place for me to go to.

I will be eternally grateful for my therapist. They were more than therapist. They became friends that are closer than some family to me. Many days they lifted me up when they didn’t realize they had done so. Days of physical and emotional pain, days of gloom and depression would be altered with an Email out of no where from them. It could just say, “hey checking in on you!” It would help me remember a strategy or technique of something we went over in a session. It would help pull me out of my negative and frustrated mood.20180813_173635.jpg

I will always truly be humbled and thankful, until the day I die, for how much care and compassion a group of people can have for someone they didn’t even know. To delve deeper and deeper with someone day after day to see that they become the best they can be, considering their new limitations and abilities. To not get frustrated with me and have “God like” patience until goals were met or this is the best he can do now was reached.

The facility I was sent to was no accident. It was divine intervention that I was placed there for my TBI recovery! God had his hand on me and my therapist. That’s how I got there!

These people were such a blessing to me and I hope I was to them as well. Only, now it’s over. Words will never describe the gratitude and thankfulness I have for each of my therapist. The only thing I know to do to show this appreciation and thankfulness towards them is, continue on my road to recovery using the strategies and techniques they’ve taught me and be the best I can be everyday.

This first chapter in my life of this never ending book is finished. My TBI Road to Recovery will never really be done. I can only begin the next chapter with the same HOPE, DETERMINATION AND DRIVE, of that which I finished the first chapter.20180731_000427

I’ve always heard there are Angels that walk among us on earth. They help us when we need it. I believe it now, because I first-hand have experienced it through these people.

Thank You to my new friends/family my therapist. Never will I forget you and the sacrifices you make. Not only for me but for every person in your facility!

When you feel you have nothing,….

remember that you always have HOPE!

4 thoughts on “A Chapter To A Never Ending Book…

  1. Good Bless Morning!! Brother Lance. It is Awesome to read your powerful encouraging message. You never know how you are encouraging others from your heart. I could type a long page but I wont. LOL LOL God says He will never leave us nor forsake us. His been with you and He still is with you. You keep moving forward, Don’t look behind you. God Himself with the Faith He has given you to keep moving forward. God knows what we need to take us to the next level. I’m truly proud of you!! ((Read: Jeremiah 29:11)). Thanks for sharing your ((Good)) News. 🙂

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  2. Good luck Lance! Like you said, you are never all better. There may be a hole but you need to finish it with something else. I don’t know the extent of your injuries but you can’t drive. Is writing an option? If so maybe write a book. It looks like you are blogging already. Keep up the great work!

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