To Many for God???

20180817_010057To many diagnoses to explain,                               and you’re so tired of the pain.

To many Doctor visits to recall,                         here take this pill it will help it all.

To many tears have fallen from your eyes,         now there is no water left to join your cries.

To many plans have been canceled,               because now your life is dismantled.

To many times you’ve told your story up to present day,                                                             of how your life changed that fateful day.

To many times to hear “you look fine to me,”     only to wish they could see inside of me.

To many nights to lay awake in bed,                     with never-ending thoughts filling your head.

To many times asking God what’s your plan,    to be reminded have FAITH just hold MY hand!

To many times you’ve wanted to give up,           God reassures “your time is not up!”

To many times you’ve felt all alone,                     remember God’s still on the throne!

To many times not knowing what to say, simply bow your head, God have your way.

To many times to question your situation. Then remember your FATHER made all of creation!

To many emotions that flood your mind, then there’s peace from God sent right on time!

To many problems, To many pains, To many fears, GOD’S LOVE WILL TAKE IT ALL, BECAUSE TO HIM YOU ARE MOST DEAR!



2 thoughts on “To Many for God???

  1. All that you have shared I too have tasted and thought as well. Then the Holy Spirit takes me to (Philippians 4:13 I can do ((all)) things through Christ which strengtheneth me.) So when this body of mine becomes weak and tired. God lets me know He is Able to Help me through what I will be enduring daily. God Bless You!! Thank you for Sharing!! \0/\0/ 🙂

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