Oh yeah, hey Satan by the way, You’re not going to Win!!!

xan-griffin-420173-unsplash.jpgLet me just be real for this post! I had a good scare the other day. First let me explain why my wife and two oldest boys are doing what I should be doing around the house. Due to my limitations and issues, I’m not allowed to operate a vehicle or any type of machinery.

My wife and two oldest children were in the backyard cutting grass. My wife was on the zero turn mower.  My boys were doing the edge work with their two push mowers. This was roughly between 6 and 630 p.m. It was still very hot and humid. I was outside keeping an eye on the boys, supervising, as they call it. They had just about finished up. They had one little section left to do. So, I turned around and was walking to sit in the shade of my back porch.

With no warning, my legs went weak, everything went blury. I was walking but I couldn’t feel myself walking. So I stopped, hunched over propping myself up on my knees. My wife and boys rushed over and helped me get to the back porch and sat me in a chair. My wife went and got our blood pressure machine and strapped it to my left arm. B.P. was 173/105 Pulse 127. Of course she wanted to take me somewhere and of course I said no just let me cool off. I hadn’t been doing any manual labor other than watching the boys cut grass.  So we sat in the shade from the shelter for a while. I wasn’t in any pain just extremely fatigued/out of it. Soon my B.P. was back down to 127/78 pulse was back to 104, (which is normal for me, right now, due to meds.)

It just hit me out of no- where. I don’t know if the heat did it or if it was my body’s reaction to the meds I’m on now, or a mix of both. Number one side effect for the meds I’m on is, increased heart rate and congestive heart failure,(oh boy)! Needless to say I had a very mellow and laid back evening because of it. My Dr. has me set up for an EKG.

While relaxing in my recliner, later that evening, I had an emotional breakdown. I began crying and it was everything I could do to control my emotion. This wasn’t an emotional breakdown of sorrow and woe is me! This was a breakdown of humbleness, courage, happiness and I’m still standing/recovering. This was a breakdown of my thoughts being, “God, I know you’re allowing this to happen to me. I also know, You’re not just letting this happen, without me having learned what complete Trust and Faith in You is! I know something great is to come out of it in the end. I just have to continue to have Faith in you. To have Belief and Trust in You that come what may, it’s your Will and I accept it and I’ll still praise You in this storm.” I honestly believe there is battle of spiritual warfare going on over my Life. The day in and day out struggles I now face, they would be unfathomable over a year ago with me.

There is Spiritual Warfare going on, over each and everyone of our lives! God’s purpose and plan for all of our lives is that of Good and Prosperous. He hurts when we hurt. His heart breaks when ours do. HE has gone ahead in time and knows that we will make it through every trial and struggle that life and Satan will come after us with. We will always come out of the storm! The only thing we have to do is HOLD ON TO GOD’S UNCHANGING HAND! To be completely sold out to Him and allow him to Captain your life through the storm!

Satan and his little minions know their future destiny! It’s that eternal damnation to hell awaits them when the 2nd Coming of The Lord happens.  That’s why they are trying every second of every day and everything within their power to drag each and every single person on this earth to Hell before their time runs out! If you are a Christian and you’re going through hard times and struggles that you have not allowed in your life, DO NOT BE DISHEARTENED! This is either a trial God is allowing you to go through and learn/see what you would have missed if you didn’t go through it. Or this is, a flat out attack on you from Satan to bring you down and his hope that you will give up on God. Satan will put thoughts in your head of “why did God let this happen to you, why isn’t God helping you now, you’re God loves you? He can fix all of this with one word, but He isn’t! You’ve been living right and by The Word but look at where you’re at!” There is literally a war for your SOUL happening that you cannot see!

Be lifted and encouraged when these things happen to you. You’re a Soldier in the Army of the Lord. Satan and his army of Demons are threatened by you and terrified of You! They want to destroy you and bring you down so you cannot interfere with their dark plans and evil adversaries that are unleashed on earth. They know you’re causing disruption of their kingdom on earth when you serve the one true God. YOU’RE adding and building to GOD ALMIGHTY’S KINGDOM!

Take the story of Job in the Bible for example. This man was great! He was wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. He was healthy! He Had no fault with God. He had a great family, this man had it all! Then one day Satan spoke with God and said if you allow me to interfere with his life, Job will curse You! God allowed Satan to have a go at Job! EVERYTHING was taken from Job! His wealth gone. His health gone. His family killed. He was homeless. His bodily health was in awful shape. He would take pieces of broken pottery and cut open sores/boils on his skin to drain the infection and get relief! STILL HE DID NOT CURSE GOD! He proclaimed ,”Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; may the name of the Lord be praised” (Job 1:20).

NO way, in any shape, form or fashion am I comparing my life to that of Job! If this man lost it all and still kept his faith and praise to God, then there is no excuse for me not to do the same.

SPEAK THIS PRAYER ALOUD over your life! You’re not going to Win Satan! You know your destiny and so do I! I will not succumb to your lies and tricks. I will not fall from God’s grace as you did! If I stumble, I know to seek repentance and His Grace and Mercy will restore me and make me new. I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M GOING THROUGH THIS STORM OR THIS VALLEY BUT I WILL NOT TAKE MY EYES OFF OF HIM!HE WOULDN’T HAVE LED ME TO IT, NOT TO GET ME THROUGH IT!”

20180818_183610.jpgNever give up on God! I don’t care what you’re going through! Physically, Emotionally or Financially, DO NOT GIVE UP! Pain and Hardships may endure for the night, but “JOY” comes in the Morning!

Yes, my Doctor is aware of my elevated heart rate. Yes, an appointment has been made with him to readjust and attack these issues from another angle. If things progressively get worse before my appointment, I’ll seek immediate medical attention. Does it bother me? YES, but my trust is in Jesus and to have acceptance of come what may, makes everything okay.


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