CardioVascular Center, Elevated Heart Rate, Exhaustion, but I’m still standing!

20180820_221722For the past week I’ve been dealing with an elevated “resting heart rate” of 110 to 130+ beats per minute. This was due to an increase in meds. My Neuro- Psychiatrist advised me to go to the Emergency Room ASAP if any pain or discomfort developed in my chest because of it.

Well, this past Sunday Evening around 530 it felt like two lightning bolts hit me square in my chest. The first hit with no warning , just came out of no-where, a few seconds later the next hit. It nearly brought me to my knees from the pain. My wife observed it and I looked at her and said “I need to go somewhere, NOW!”

Now, I’ve always been one to handle pain on my own and tend to my own wounds until healed. So, my wife knew when I said, “I need help”, it was legit serious! She grabbed some clothes and packed a bag in case of a stay at the hospital.

Upon our arrival to the Emergency Department check in, my wife brought them up to date of my TBI conditions and what I’ve been experiencing over the last few days and what occurred that brought us to the E.D. Next thing I know, I’m in triage with wires and cords hanging everywhere off of me. Then immediately, I’m rushed to the cardio vascular center of the Hospital. Average B.P. was 130/40 over 70/80, resting heart beats per minute were 120 to 130.

Friday night I believe I had about 4 hours of sleep. Saturday night I tossed and turned all night and slept 0 hours! Now it’s Sunday night. I’m in the hospital getting blood cultures drawn every other hour, pain meds administered, Chest X-rays, ultrasounds of my heart, and round the clock observation.  I caught quick naps here and there due to the morphine administered for pain. Soon as it wore off, I was up in pain again.

Throughout today, Monday 8/20/18, it was this nurse, that nurse, this Dr. then that Dr.       Heart rate still elevated, blood pressure all over the place. Much of the pain and discomfort had subsided a bit. Throughout the day a lot of test were conducted. In the end, the cardiovascular team, felt it was safe to send me home with some meds to help slow my heart rate. My AWESOME wife, spoke with my neuro-psychiatrist, to brimg him up to date with their findings and suggestions for treatment. My Neuro-Psychiatrist has adjusted my meds to help with my heart issues.

20180820_221743So now, I’m back home after a very long 24 hours at the hospital. Blood Pressure is great but resting heart rate is still in the 90’s. Yes, it’s still high but far better than 120’s to 140’s. I’m exhausted! Im still blessed to be alive and standing to fight another day.

It’s always Better to be safe than sorry for issues like this regardless of your health conditions. If the ole’ ticker goes, well, so do you! I’m still standing and I’m still fighting…

20180820_221845.jpgTo finish up this post, first of all, thank you God for blessing me with another day to be alive. I may have issues and problems but it could always be worse. Thank you for placing me in the care of a highly dedicated medical team and a great medical facility! A huge thanks for everyone’s prayers, good vibes and reassuring words and helping hand to me and my family over the last few days! I’m going to Win this fight. With God Almighty in my corner I can’t Lose!

Now it’s time for Bed!!!!

One thought on “CardioVascular Center, Elevated Heart Rate, Exhaustion, but I’m still standing!

  1. Good Bless Morning!! Brother Lance. Yes!! Fight a Good Fight in The Name of Jesus Christ. Yes!! God is With you, no matter what we may endure. Keep Standing!! My prayers are with you and your family. You are Bless to have a wife, your partner that is Standing by your side. God is Able!! and Faithful. God will give us His strength when we are weak.\0/\0/ Thank you for sharing. Get your rest. ((Hugs)) 🙂

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