Spared for a Purpose

20180830_121407.jpgSo it seems life wants you to give up,

Take a Deep breath, say this is not enough.

Disheartening to hear It’s going to take time,

Weeks, Months, Years, but you’ll be fine.

Your brain needs time to heal,

Then your Dr. gives you a new pill.

Their motives are honest and true,

To help on this journey that’s all on you.

Time has passed and it’s been a year,

But life is still full of doubt and fear.

Emotions flare and you wipe away a tear,

You cry to God and wonder does He hear?

Though great Dr.’s and therapist are in your path,

You still feel punished and this is God’s wrath!

20180830_121530.jpgNEVER has He intended to cause you harm,

This was proven at Calvary with outstretched arms.

When you’re down to one knee ready to give in,

Know you were spared for a purpose, now new life begins.

Be that fire that glimmer of Hope,

When someone else has reached the end of their rope.

You already feel all eyes are on you,

So show them you have passion, a desire to make it through.

You’re a survivor. Now be a warrior, a fighter

But that determination won’t make any burdens lighter.

This new life with issues you must learn to cope.

You were spared for a purpose so never lose HOPE!










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