There’s still an Eternal Storm coming. Be Prepared!

Living in Eastern N.C. my whole life, I’ve been through my fair share of catastrophic and non catastrophic hurricanes. This most recent hurricane, Florence, that has hit the Carolinas was catastrophic of Biblical proportions. The damage and flooding it caused will go down on the record books. The loss of life and everything of material posessions is heartbreaking to say the least. Roads, Highways and Interstates throughout N.C. and S.C. are still flooded a week out from landfall. We will be suffering and feeling the effects from this storm for a long time.

Storm preparation for a Hurricane of this magnitude is irrelevant. For many, it meant packing everything they could and get as far away as possible from direct impact. To only return to a home that is gone or damaged to the extent of demolition has to be a helpless feeling. For many inland, it meant stocking up on non-perishable food items and drinkable water and to be ready, to be without power and access to and from their neighborhoods for days and possibly weeks.

No matter how perfect or to what extent the storm preparations were, you could only wait and see what the storm was going to do to you.

People that thought they were fully prepared still suffered the wrath of the storm. People that thought, “oh it won’t get me,” got them. The only preparation that could’ve been done was to completely get as far away from the storm as possible! The safety of human life was the most important factor. Although heartbreaking to lose things, always material things can be replaced!

There’s still a greater storm coming of Eternal proportions. The fear, panic and pandemonium that will strike the entire world, will be nothing in comparison to anything the history of mankind has ever seen.

The Second Coming of the Lord will be Catastrophic to the entire human race. Those that have prepared for this don’t consider it a storm but a “home-going.” Those that have not prepared will suffer in ways they can not humanly possibly imagine. The stores will be empty of foods, the gas stations will be dry. The hysteria of those left behind will be worse than any Hurricane or storm ever to hit the face of the earth.

Are you ready? Are you prepared? Are you going to be ready to face the storm on your own or are you going to be called up in the Rapture and not have to deal with the turmoil and chaos on earth when it hits?

The same determination and urgency that many had to be most prepared for this storm is the same determination and urgency Christians should have right now to win souls to the Kingdom of Heaven. Don’t be left behind for the worst catastrophic event that mankind has ever seen. KNOW Jesus Christ as your Saviour, KNOW when the trumpet sounds to announce HIS coming you’re fully prepared to be taken away to eternal safety away from any future storms of life.

You’re never promised your next day. You could be in a fatal crash, have a fatal medical condition come on you and be done with life without seeing it coming. Where will you go. Heaven or Hell. That’s your only two options, plain and simple! There is no in between.

Just as this Hurricane was forecast and preparations were made, so is the Second Coming of the Lord. It’s coming, the only difference is, you don’t know when this will hit/happen! However, it is “forecast” to happen! Your preparations should begin now. Call on Jesus name to forgive you of your sins, turn from your sin, ask Him to be your Saviour and be in your heart, follow after Christ. When His return happens, you will be with Him in safety, eternal life and eternal glory.

Earthly storms will come, go and be but a memory years from now. The second coming of The Lord will be the end of the earth! Do not be caught in that storm unless you are truly prepared!

God Bless and please continue the prayers and helping hands for the many victims of this Hurricane and the Storms of Life!

Be prepared or be in eternal despair!


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