Passion For a Greater Love…

Passion- a strong and barely controllable emotion!!

20180929_152948So someone recently asked me, why am I trying to be all religious now? I told them, I grew up in church. I kind of fell out of it. I was very involved in the music ministry and other ministries. Then I said,” you know, everything I’ve been through over the last year and 1 month is nothing short of a miracle. It’s a miracle I’m still here period! The bleed that happened in my brain pons from my fall should’ve killed me or messed me up to the point that I would need professional homecare. Where the bleed was in my brain controls the majority of my organs/respiratory functions and relays messages to other parts of the brain. Now I still have many lifelong issues I’ll have to deal with. Even my Doctors and Therapist can’t believe I’m not tremendously worse off than what I am. THAT’S GOD!!! So yeah, I may talk about God’s grace and love and mercy and attempt to get people to come to know Him as well now. He’s the only reason I’m still here. He’s appointed me a job to do for His Kingdom. That was prophesied over my Life many, many, years ago and has not yet come to pass. His word that goes out will not return to Him will be accomplished!” So with that being said, enjoy….

Now is the time to repent, wake up and have this True “passion” for God! His pure Love and Mercy is enough to break any bondage, trials or sin you are immersed in! There is absolutely nothing you can do to separate yourself from the Love of God!

Screenshot_20180929-154424.jpgHe has been with you and has had you set apart while you were still in your mothers womb! He has been with you every single second of your life! When you were indulging yourself in pleasures of the flesh, He was still there with you! Repent while there is still time before it’s to late! No matter what you’ve done, no matter how many times you’ve done it over and over, REPENT and leave it at the CROSS!

Get a Passion, a fire in your heart for HIM! That breaking of your heart, that lump in your throat when you’re mixed up in some stuff you shouldn’t be… thats not your conscience! That’s the POWER of The Holy Spirit convicting you! Act on it!

In Romans 9 God told Moses, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.” When God is moving you better act on it before it’s gone!

photo-1535440216424-0e374e613ee5.jpgYou’ve tried everything else and had your temporary highs and when it’s over you’re right back where you started! Try God and see that He is Good!! Get a PASSION for HIM and I promise you, it will turn your world upside down but for the better!!!  Find that Passion!!!

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