Which are you: The Soggy Wet Christian or a Fighting with Fire Christian?

Still continuing this long fight with my TBI and ailments that are associated with it. It’s been a really rough past 3 weeks for me. I’ve reached the point where I’ve felt like throwing in the towel. I came across something that I had written down years past and it really hit me hard Today. It really opened my eyes that this is as much a physical struggle, as well as spiritual. It showed me that I cannot give up and have to shake off this mentality of despair and depression. I wanted to share it with you now.

It’s amazing to me how God almighty can speak to you when you least expect it! I was getting the fireplace going a little while ago and some of the wood was still damp from the previous snow/rain we had. As it began, some of the dryer wood ignited but you could hear the damp wood popping and sizzling, it was trying to ignite but would not until it was ready and moved to! The dry seasoned wood,(the prepared wood), had no problem lighting because it had done what was needed to achieve what it was supposed to. The damp wet wood was capable of doing the same as the dry wood only it wasn’t prepared nor had done the work to be dry and seasoned to accomplish the task in which it was made for.

Now stay with me and keep reading! Put the current state of your life or your personal relationship with Christ, in the place of the damp firewood!

You know how to make your life better. You know what needs to be done to prepare and season yourself to get to your goals in life. You have the “want” and “determination” to make this life better. You see people that have become involved whole heartedly to obtain their goals and are striving to complete them. However, you continue to only look instead of getting involved to complete your goals. With your Christian life, you’ve been exposed to the fire,(The Holy Ghost), it’s consuming everything around you! You make your little sizzles and pop when you’re in it, just enough to satisfy yourself! UNTIL YOU MOVE IN THE FIRE it will NOT consume you!

Jesus Christ wants whats best for you in your life and your personal relationship with Him. He wants to consume you, but you are not allowing Him to. This is due to the soggy wet dampness that you’re allowing to stay attached to you, (Things of this world that are still soaked into you)!

You have to get that off of yourself! Get in the fire and move! Allow the perfect Holy Ghost Fire from heaven to Consume you and be on fire for God!

Don’t be a wet soggy Christian! Be a Holy Ghost fire filled Christian where the world can see the light and loving warmth of Jesus Christ in you! Love all you guys, have a great day and rest of the week!!!

Never give up on God or your goals!!!20181210_143029.png

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