Be slow to Anger…

Everyday life is filled with confusion and struggles of things that can aggravate, frustrate and anger you. This can be said for any person and definitely victims of T.B.I.

Prior to my injury I had a care free life. What I mean by this is, things didn’t bother me or upset me badly as they do now. Something would happen or stress would arise and I’d literally let it go. Just like water rolling off of a duck’s back, I wouldn’t let the worries or stress soak into my life. One of the main reasons for this was and still is because I have a firm belief that God does not allow things to just randomly happen to you! I always have a saying that “if God brought you to it, then He’ll get you through it!”

This T.B.I. has had me against the ropes for the past year and I feel now that I’m finally able to start fighting back. Many upsets and failures continue to plague me day in and day out. Anger and frustration seep in when I don’t have my guard up, I am Human!

All of the down-time I have, because of my injury, I’ve started back reading alot. I’m doing this to try and rewire and strengthen my brain’s comprehension of what I take in and can retain.

I’ve been reading my Bible more and having Devotions. I was raised in a Christian home and this material is what I am able to recall and remember easier than anything. NO! I’M NOT TRYING TO FORCE RELIGION ON YOU! What I’m about to go over can be taken to heart and applied to your life regardless of your religious beliefs.

In the Bible in the book of Proverbs chapter 16 verse 32 the Scripture says:                              “He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty; and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city.”

Okay so what does that have to do with your everyday life or someone such as myself dealing with T.B.I. life?

Many things come up during our day. The car didn’t start this morning, you had a rough day at work, home life is complete chaos, your children are getting on your nerves, you and your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend had an argument and ANGER took over with any of these situations.

When bad things happen take it in slowly, not all at once! Do not let it overwhelm you! TRY your best to analyze the matter at hand and filter out the problem. Do not let anger immediately jump in and take control.

Control, that’s what I’m getting to. It is all about self control and disciplining yourself to not fall to your anger and frustrations.

There are so many things I deal with on a daily basis, that could literally make me erupt into a blaze of anger. Yes, it is due to my injury and yes medications help with the issue. However, I don’t want to be on medicine forever because of a brain injury. I want to establish and have a firm grip on my faith that through Jesus Christ I can have that self control and not arise to Anger or lashing out at the flip of the switch. Wisdom, discipline and self control, are all character traits we need to have to live a good and successful life.

I tell myself this daily when something I can no longer do or struggle with angers or upsets me; look at it from all perspectives, did I handle that situation correctly, was my reaction to it right or wrong, what can I do different if the situation arises again in the future?

Be slow to Anger no matter the situation! Have that self control and discipline. This verse even tells us that if we are slow to anger we are better than the mighty! The MIGHTY meaning anything that you allow to have power over you! I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anything having power over my life, especially this T.B.I. The only thing I want over my life is, if it’s from God above or something to better my life.

Stop, collect your thoughts, take a deep breath and then proceed to resolve the matter. This is something I do on a daily basis now and it has helped me out tremendously.

I hope you will remember reading this the next time a stressful situation crosses your path! Be slow to Anger and watch your problems begin to resolve!

Proverbs 16:32



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