The Long Night

The Long night is now upon you, the memories of the day soon to haunt you.

Did you do this right, did you do this wrong? What will happen next? These thoughts make the night so long.

Hear the distant train rolling through the quiet of the night, think of it’s power, can you tackle life with this same might?

Were you a good husband, father or friend? Did you instill a positive mark on them so to you they’ll come back again.

Did you accomplish your day to it’s fullest, or waste it away, to only feel foolish?

As you reflect on the day that is now in the past, you long for sleep or hope at least the night ends fast.

Were you determined and motivated through the day to reach your goals, or in your mind did you crawl away and hide in your secret hole.

The Night will keep you alone and secluded with your thoughts, are you the person with results to show how hard you have fought?

Have you reached the top of your mountain only to be let down, to believe life would be normal but find it’s still turned around?

Minute after minute, hour after hour, the night slips away. You look at the clock and can only think, soon it will be a new day.

To sleep without nightmares, headaches and pain, these are the nights you long to regain!

2 hours 3 hours or more but the rest of the night you quietly pace the floor.

Exhaustion, Anxiety, Paranoia has set in, if I could list the conditions, where would I begin?

Dawn will soon be breaking through the curtain, to have a better day, this thought is certain.

But you lie awake to toss and turn through the night, knowing the next day you will have to continue this fight.

Memories of old and if today’s situations were handle right, keeps your brain active and continues the Long Night….



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