Weather changes and T.B.I. changes

Living in Eastern N.C. my whole life, I’ve experienced some unusual weather during certain seasons.

Take today for example. It is winter time. Today, it was a beautiful, sunny and a warm 80 degrees, with a slight breeze, it’s February 7th. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the Mid 70’s with similar conditions. Tomorrow night is supposed to drop into the low 30’s, then Saturday a high of 47 and a low of 27 degrees.

This made me stop and think of how drastic the change in temps can be compared with TBI symptoms as a, day-by-day-by-day effect.

Now, to elaborate on what this made me think of in more depth, are how similar the days of a T.B.I. survivor are like the weather patterns!

What I mean by this is, one day for us can be beautiful, everything is going as planned there is no brain fog, there is no neruo-fatigue, there is no confusion. Mini goals we’ve set for ourselves are accomplished with little to no confusion. EVERYTHING WAS RIGHT AND PERFECT THAT DAY!

Then it could go from that beautiful and sunny day, to being cold, cloudy and gloomy. Just that drastic, it can change overnight. Things aren’t as easy to do this day. Confusion and frustration for things you did with ease the prior day are hard and more challenging. Brain fog, not thinking clearly, headaches, Anxiety, depression and the list goes on.

What can be done about these good days vs. bad days? Early in my recovery the bad always outweighed the good in my mind. Until I changed my perspective of the totality of the situation in comparison from the good days to the bad. Things were not going to change!

During these bad days, it’s easy to become frustrated, depressed and just be in a flat out bad mood. Until I took control over my bad days by looking at it this way. Yesterday was a good day! Maybe I “over did it” yesterday and now I’m paying for it today. Im tired, moody physical and neuro-fatigued and other issues have overtaken me this day. Today is a rough day! However, today isn’t going to last forever and tomorrow will be a better DAY!

Tomorrow will be a better day! Believe that! Continue to set goals and achieve them! Only from now on, try this on the better day. PACE yourself. Hypersensitivity, over stimulation and physical out put may be the reason your next bad day is so rough!

Pace yourself on the good days, take breaks often as needed. Take your time! It’s not a race. Go nice and slow to accomplish the task you’ve set before you this day. I will not tell you if you do this your “bad days” will not happen, because they will! That’s the nature of the beast with a TBI. I will tell you this though, the bad days will slowly improve from what they once were, to where you can still function and not have as many issues plague you! The good will always outweigh the bad, it all depends on how you attack life now and your perspective of it!

Never give up! Never lose Faith! Never lose Hope!

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