Why me Lord?

Why me Lord?

This burden is to much to carry. How much longer Lord will you tarry?

I know you are with me until the end, But how much more can I bend?

Even during my nights of mourning, You reassure me, “Joy comes in the morning!”

When I feel lost and everyone’s gone, you hold me tight and tell me “You’re not alone.”

Faith to bring me through, I have this trust. To follow after you, I must.

Scared of my future, Your words I need to hear, You tell me, “I have not given you a spirit of fear!”

This journey is tough and I often faulter, “regain your strength when you meet ME at the altar!”

“I am the alpha and omega, beginning and end. I call you by name, I call you friend.”

The days are long and the nights are dreary, but you tell me “I’ll give you rest when you are weary.”

“I was with you on the day you fell, now through my power, you have a story to tell.”

But Why me Lord of this pain I am the holder, “for you can handle this, you are my soldier!”

“Call on my name when life takes you like a flood. It was for you and all at Calvary I spilled my precious blood.”

Why me Lord, for your care, mercy, and grace? “Bescause I love you and one day we will meet face to face.”

Why me Lord, just a simple Man? “Hold my hand and simply trust the Master’s Plan!”




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