Little by Little, Day by Day…

Continuing on this TBI Journey is enough to bring the strongest person down. Never did I think I’d take for granted the “normal” everyday activities and “normal” life I used to have…

To accomplish a simple task now and truly be humbled and grateful by the accomplishment of doing so, has really made me realize what true thankfulness is.

I think back, to what I can remember when my accident happened, and to where I am now in my life. Many things have changed, many things are struggles and many things have been ripped from me. The realization of this would make me sit back and fall into a deep depression. Until I began to change my perspective on my journey, nothing was going to change in my “new” life. The perspective change made me see that, yes, even though everyday life has dramatically changed and many things have been taken from me, I’M STILL HERE! I’M STILL ALIVE AND IM STILL FIGHTING!

Everyday, I continue to get better. Everyday I learn new ways to get things done. Everyday I get stronger… little by little, day by day, life continues to progress in a positive way. I still have a lot of work to do but seeing physical results and cognitive results is true inspiration.

Never give up! Continue to grow mentally and physically! GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!!

Never lose hope! Never lose Faith!

BEFORE                                          img_20180308_110209_061



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