Strong Enough…

The safe place that you go to when things fall apart. Are you strong enough to leave it there?

The pain from your body when medications don’t help. Are you strong enough to push through?

When your disability now limits you to certain activities. Are you strong enough to overcome and learn new ways to accomplish the feat?

When confusion takes over and your mind is in complete disarray. Are you strong enough to focus harder and regain your mentality?

Does the sun shine bright while you are immersed in darkness? Are you strong enough to blow the clouds away?

If the answer to your prayers is not coming fast enough. Are you strong enough to keep your faith?

When your patience runs dry and all hope seems lost. Are you strong enough to cling to believing in yourself.

When reading this, you realize that, Yes you are strong enough! When reading this you realize you’re not alone in your struggles. Yes,  you are strong enough to take on this new life.

One step at a time, day by day. Conquer your fears, anxiety, depression, disabilities, suicidal thoughts, loneliness and anything you are personally going through. Be it mentally, cognitively or physically. You are here for a purpose.

You are here reading this because you have a place in this world to benefit others! It may not seem like it now, but your day is coming!

Perfection is a goal to strive for. Will it be reached? Nobody can ever be perfect, but if you give 100% everyday, you will accomplish more than you ever thought you could!

Love yourself, don’t ponder on the issues and problems with your life. Learn to adapt and conquer them. Learn to use what you’ve been given in new ways to accomplish what you set out for in life!

You are strong enough! How do I know this? Because you have read this excerpt, which means you’ve been saved for a great purpose! Now let’s start working towards making the best out of what life has thrown at you!



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