The Little Things…

Things that I’d overlook prior to my injury are the things that I now stop and take in. Being at a creek, to not fish, but just watch the water flow. Sit in the shade and watch the clouds float by. Get lost in my thoughts watching the wind blow the leaves of the trees.

Admiring the beauty of God’s creation has always been a hobbie of mine. However, now that life has slowed me down, I realize how much I was missing even though I was still in it.

Watching the waves at the beach roll in and out. Watching people write things in the sand only to have the next wave wash it away and restore the beauty of the landscape. It makes me think that no matter what life does to mess you up you can start by smoothing it out of your life much like the waves take away the writings on the shore to restore the natural beauty. Seeing the birds and gulls of the sea, fly high above the land. They’re not deterred by what man has done to tarnish and lessen their land but have adapted to their surroundings and use them to their benefit.

Admiring the beauty of the majestic mountains. The landscapes and valleys the seem to flow effortlessly throughout the base of the mountains. The streams that become roaring waterfalls and torrents of water that can turn to calm flowing tranquil pools of water around the next bend.

Some things in your life right now may be as big as that endless ocean or the majestic mountains. Your life may be raging with waterfalls that you go over and get tossed about and seem that there is no way to keep your head above water. The task at hand may be as rough as the rocky mountain face you’re having to climb. You cant see the top but with each step you’re closer to the summit. Just hold on!

Those waters that are thrashing you about and seem to never let you go, will soon give way to that peaceful stream. You’ll float down with no worries, no energy being exerted and relax in the beauty of the situation you’re in.

Those mountains that seem to tower you are rough and rocky. Each step, each climb it gets easier and the rough terrain will soon give way to green plateaus and you will be on the high place looking down at where you once were and admire the beauty of yourself and your surroundings.

The little things that you may not see in yourself right now will soon be revealed to you once you understand what to look for. Your injury knocked you down, you may not be able to handle things the way you did once before. You cant look at your life this way and you have to get away from that state of mind. You’re still here and there are things that you can still do. You are still a valuable asset.

To whom, you may ask? It’s not for someone else, a family member or even a spouse! YOU’RE A VALUABLE ASSET TO YOURSELF! Never give up on yourself and push through the rough waters and the rocky terrain! Enjoy the beauty of the peace and the landscape that surrounds you. When life gets tough remember you’ve made it before and you can do it again! Sit on the sandy shores and soak in the smell and sounds of the mighty ocean. Sit on that bench of an overlook of the majestic mountains and take in the beauty with your soul and eyes!

Never forget you are valuable and spared for a purpose! It’s not an accident that you’re still here regardless of whatever handicaps you now face in life. Search for your purpose and be that beacon of hope for others. Be strong for them so they see you striving with your difficulties and still making it!

Enjoy the little things in life, when it gets tough and hard, reflect back to a time when you were faced with hardships and challenges. Remember you made it through and let that be your driving force to make it again and again and again!

Stay strong!

Never lose HOPE!


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