Gain the whole world to lose your soul?!?

"It's better to be wrong in the "world's eye" and be safe in God to further yourself with your walk with Him and to further His Kingdom!" Have God's perspective on your life! See if it is clean and pure and of God! If it's not, it is of the Devil and it WILL DESTROY … Continue reading Gain the whole world to lose your soul?!?

Passion For a Greater Love…

Passion- a strong and barely controllable emotion!! So someone recently asked me, why am I trying to be all religious now? I told them, I grew up in church. I kind of fell out of it. I was very involved in the music ministry and other ministries. Then I said," you know, everything I've been … Continue reading Passion For a Greater Love…

There’s still an Eternal Storm coming. Be Prepared!

Living in Eastern N.C. my whole life, I've been through my fair share of catastrophic and non catastrophic hurricanes. This most recent hurricane, Florence, that has hit the Carolinas was catastrophic of Biblical proportions. The damage and flooding it caused will go down on the record books. The loss of life and everything of material … Continue reading There’s still an Eternal Storm coming. Be Prepared!


I apologize for not having published anything lately... We live in a area that is prone to flooding from torrential rain systems...hurricane matthew nearly flooded my home..hurricane Florence will probably get it. We've been busy and doing as much as possible prepping ourselves and home for this major hurricane. When things calm down, I'll be … Continue reading Apologies

There’s always Hope…

When you're kissed by morning's first light, wake up ready to begin you're fight. Another night you've made it through, Now to conquer this day is the goal for you. Be courageous, for there's no place for fear, NEVER feel defeated, your victory is so near. Set goals and task that you know you can … Continue reading There’s always Hope…

Spared for a Purpose

So it seems life wants you to give up, Take a Deep breath, say this is not enough. Disheartening to hear It's going to take time, Weeks, Months, Years, but you'll be fine. Your brain needs time to heal, Then your Dr. gives you a new pill. Their motives are honest and true, To help … Continue reading Spared for a Purpose

There for You…

This is a song I wrote many, many years ago. The lyrics are more powerful to me now because I'm living them and it has such a deep, personal and emotional meaning to me now...I HOPE it lifts and encourages you.. I'll post the video I recorded years back at the end. I want you … Continue reading There for You…

Great are you Lord… During the early stages of my TBI recovery, I came to the harsh realization that I couldn't play my guitar and sing together. My brain simply wouldn't let me do the two task at the same time. It's taken a lot of time, praying and hard work to be able to play and sing … Continue reading Great are you Lord…

Playing my Guitar but You could hear a pin drop.

Playing music and singing is one of my "Go To" coping techniques for when I'm struggling with many issues I now face. Be it Physical pain, Emotional pain or Medical issues. When I know it's coming on, I'll grab my guitar in a heartbeat. It's relaxing to me. It's beneficial for me. It's just overall … Continue reading Playing my Guitar but You could hear a pin drop.

Dark Days WILL Lead to Soaring Days!

This post is going to start off in the depressed mood I'm coming out of. I cant help it or control it sometimes, but stay with me its going to finish good! Some days I feel like I'm an inmate, in a cell, in a prison of my mind. A Ditch, a slump, a bad … Continue reading Dark Days WILL Lead to Soaring Days!

CardioVascular Center, Elevated Heart Rate, Exhaustion, but I’m still standing!

For the past week I've been dealing with an elevated "resting heart rate" of 110 to 130+ beats per minute. This was due to an increase in meds. My Neuro- Psychiatrist advised me to go to the Emergency Room ASAP if any pain or discomfort developed in my chest because of it. Well, this past … Continue reading CardioVascular Center, Elevated Heart Rate, Exhaustion, but I’m still standing!

Oh yeah, hey Satan by the way, You’re not going to Win!!!

Let me just be real for this post! I had a good scare the other day. First let me explain why my wife and two oldest boys are doing what I should be doing around the house. Due to my limitations and issues, I'm not allowed to operate a vehicle or any type of machinery. … Continue reading Oh yeah, hey Satan by the way, You’re not going to Win!!!

To Many for God???

To many diagnoses to explain,                               and you're so tired of the pain. To many Doctor visits to recall,                         here take this pill it will help it all. To … Continue reading To Many for God???

A Chapter To A Never Ending Book…

Today I was discharged from my Brain Rehabilitation Service and Therapy Facility. I will still continue to see one therapist there for a while. This is due to a lifelong issue I have now. To have the emotions of excitement and that of somber at the same time is confusing and hard to describe. I've … Continue reading A Chapter To A Never Ending Book…

To gym or not to gym?!?!?

I believe I stated this phrase in a prior blog. "Looking at pre-injury TBI videos and pics are my biggest enemy!" I'm soon to be discharged from my therapy/brain rehabilitation center next Monday the 13th. So a question one of my therapist asked me today, at the beginning of one of my sessions was "you've … Continue reading To gym or not to gym?!?!?

Straighten your Crown King/Queen

Your injury and diagnoses do not define who you are. What the Doctors tell you does not determine your final outcome. Your struggles let you know you're alive. Your day to day life may be different now, but acceptance of your abilities and limitations are key to your progress. After my TBI, my family and … Continue reading Straighten your Crown King/Queen

Break Down Your Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Barrier!

Trying to reflect back to the beginning stages of my TBI is very difficult. The memory can't be pulled up to the present for me. I remember the initial injury and what happened. The following days, my mind seemed to be a haze, like a fog settled in. The first couple of months of recovery … Continue reading Break Down Your Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Barrier!


Traumatic Brain Injury = TBI TBI = Thankful, Brilliant, Invincible Fatigued=My body gives out faster, but I'll still get it done! Neuro-Fatigued=My mind tires out from working harder, but it's working! Vision Problem= I Hear the truth in people! Headaches = My alone time to reflect and soul search! Dizziness = I get to Sit … Continue reading PERSPECTIVE ON T.B.I. MEANS EVERYTHING

The Devil’s Whispered Words…

What was your devilish thought the day I was injured, Did you and your demons think you were the winner? Were you there when I was laid out on the hospital bed, were you Hoping you did enough that I'd end up dead? With diagnosed words overheard the joy you must've felt, Especially when the … Continue reading The Devil’s Whispered Words…

Gratitude,Humbleness and Affirmation through someone’s Suicidal Thoughts…

I'm so grateful for the things that this injury has opened up in my life. I've met so many wonderful people through support groups and therapist, that otherwise I would've never known existed. It's allowed me to grow closer to my wife and family. It's allowed me to grow closer to God. It's weeded out … Continue reading Gratitude,Humbleness and Affirmation through someone’s Suicidal Thoughts…

Slow and Steady Wins the Pace???

You want to stay positive today and feel good. You also want to just sit in a dark empty room in silence and reflect on your life and thoughts. You feel like you've set an insane PACE for yourself to hurry along with your recovery. Maybe you feel you have pushed yourself to have this … Continue reading Slow and Steady Wins the Pace???

New Pen, but now it’s God’s story to write…

     The simplest of things that can happen to me and it can open my eyes to make it personal, life relatable issues and deal with my walk with God. I was writing in my journal this evening and my pen gave out of ink. No big deal. Just because I wanted to, I … Continue reading New Pen, but now it’s God’s story to write…

Because of your TBI, that’s WHY…..

     We all have this little thing ingrained in our minds to fix things. You can see it with a child or maybe even remember an incident yourself as a child. Your toy breaks and you try to fix it. If you can't, you take it to one of your parents and say something … Continue reading Because of your TBI, that’s WHY…..

Hear my Cry…..

So call it an Injury, Accident or Life Altering event, No matter the title, you're the one who's bent. You wake up feeling tired and alone, with pain so intense you let out a groan. Another horrific day to face the pain, So tired of the pills, to your Doctor you'll explain. Morning is now … Continue reading Hear my Cry…..

Am I a Modern day Biblical Jonah???

Now this is not a post where I'm forcing religion on you. This is just my beliefs and something I feel that has been laid on my heart this evening and wanted to share. So, a quick run down of the story of "Jonah from the Bible" if you're not familiar with it. God had … Continue reading Am I a Modern day Biblical Jonah???

Overcast Days…

There never seems to be an in between. Wake up and start the day. Which person is it going to be? Look in the mirror and you try to find yourself. You stare deep into the eyes within the reflection of the person looking back at you. Is it the person whose life is filled with … Continue reading Overcast Days…

Mountain sized Obstacles

I'm going to forewarn you now, this is going to be lengthy but I strongly feel needs to be shared. Not just for me but maybe for someone out there right now in their life's struggle..if I'm going through it maybe someone else is and it'll help them as much as it has helped me … Continue reading Mountain sized Obstacles

May 28th. The day denial left and reality set in….

This isn't something I've made public but here goes....Having a traumatic brain injury with a bleed on my brain has changed my life. I'm not the person I used to be anymore. It's a weird feeling because he's still in there but can't come out. The terrible headaches, the stuttering, not remembering things from days … Continue reading May 28th. The day denial left and reality set in….

The Weakest Warrior, No More….

This invisible wound and injury are now your enemy. A mighty blow has taken you down but only to one knee. Your strength has diminished. Satan and his demons scoff and say "you are finished." Your hopes and dreams of life are scattered on the ground. You look to your left, your right and down, … Continue reading The Weakest Warrior, No More….