Mountain sized Obstacles

I'm going to forewarn you now, this is going to be lengthy but I strongly feel needs to be shared. Not just for me but maybe for someone out there right now in their life's struggle..if I'm going through it maybe someone else is and it'll help them as much as it has helped me … Continue reading Mountain sized Obstacles

May 28th. The day denial left and reality set in….

This isn't something I've made public but here goes....Having a traumatic brain injury with a bleed on my brain has changed my life. I'm not the person I used to be anymore. It's a weird feeling because he's still in there but can't come out. The terrible headaches, the stuttering, not remembering things from days … Continue reading May 28th. The day denial left and reality set in….

The Weakest Warrior, No More….

This invisible wound and injury are now your enemy. A mighty blow has taken you down but only to one knee. Your strength has diminished. Satan and his demons scoff and say "you are finished." Your hopes and dreams of life are scattered on the ground. You look to your left, your right and down, … Continue reading The Weakest Warrior, No More….

The Tearless Eyes

There are no more tears that can fall from your eyes. Each day to be positive or negative, always a surprise. Life has thrown you a challenge to make you stumble and fall. Boldy against the pain and suffering you're now forced to face it all. Now this new world seems a cold and dark … Continue reading The Tearless Eyes

The HOPE garden

Corn, tomatoes and some squash in the back, just can't be seen. One of my TBI therapist suggested for me to do this to help occupy my mind and focus on individual tasks. I've watched this garden progress and grow. This morning it made me think of how we can look at life from two … Continue reading The HOPE garden

The Grandest Rose…

One beautiful rose that stands the grandest out of all the others on the rose bush. Youthful, vibrant, perfect. It's blossomed into the world strong and courageous. Ready to face any storm that may come its way! It stands tall and strong for the smaller roses to admire and be inspired by it, to become … Continue reading The Grandest Rose…


"Homesick" Have you ever been away from home for an extended period of time. Maybe a week long vacation or a quick weekend getaway. The new sights and sounds. The smells, this new place with the excitement with so much to do. At first it's great. Each day is a new day and a new … Continue reading HOMESICK….

Cleansing Storm

It always seems to be Storming outside when I'm having a tough time due to my TBI. It's like God is saying, "hey bud I'm going to let this storm and rain loose on the earth to clean it up and replenish it , you let the storm in you loose. Get it all out … Continue reading Cleansing Storm