I did???

One of the many issue I struggle with now is, short term memory loss. It's not a matter of being forgetful or something just slipping your mind. It's completely not knowing you did something but you have photos, videos or the ones closest to you retelling you that you, in fact, did something or said … Continue reading I did???


The days that seem impossible, PUSH The nights that seem endless, PUSH The stress that never leaves, PUSH The pain that never ceases, PUSH The tears that can't be held back, PUSH The task that are confusing, PUSH The memory that is grey, PUSH The events that are missed, PUSH The life that's falling apart, … Continue reading P.U.S.H…..

Little by Little, Day by Day…

Continuing on this TBI Journey is enough to bring the strongest person down. Never did I think I'd take for granted the "normal" everyday activities and "normal" life I used to have... To accomplish a simple task now and truly be humbled and grateful by the accomplishment of doing so, has really made me realize … Continue reading Little by Little, Day by Day…

Always say Thank You…

Okay, so my name was called 32 times tonight by my kids. Out of those 32 times not one" thank you" was said for anything. Now I'm not saying this to insinuate that my children have poor manners. That's not the case, they are all very well mannered. When I first began writing it down … Continue reading Always say Thank You…

Why me Lord?

Why me Lord? This burden is to much to carry. How much longer Lord will you tarry? I know you are with me until the end, But how much more can I bend? Even during my nights of mourning, You reassure me, "Joy comes in the morning!" When I feel lost and everyone's gone, you … Continue reading Why me Lord?

Weather changes and T.B.I. changes

Living in Eastern N.C. my whole life, I've experienced some unusual weather during certain seasons. Take today for example. It is winter time. Today, it was a beautiful, sunny and a warm 80 degrees, with a slight breeze, it's February 7th. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the Mid 70's with similar conditions. Tomorrow night … Continue reading Weather changes and T.B.I. changes

A Mountain or Spec of Dust

Many times, you will have negative things and situations come into your life. You, can only do so much to try and fix the problem with what you have at your disposal and knowledge. I, being guilty of this, tried to fix things dealing with my TBI on my own. After countless failed attempts, I … Continue reading A Mountain or Spec of Dust