I did???

One of the many issue I struggle with now is, short term memory loss. It's not a matter of being forgetful or something just slipping your mind. It's completely not knowing you did something but you have photos, videos or the ones closest to you retelling you that you, in fact, did something or said … Continue reading I did???


The days that seem impossible, PUSH The nights that seem endless, PUSH The stress that never leaves, PUSH The pain that never ceases, PUSH The tears that can't be held back, PUSH The task that are confusing, PUSH The memory that is grey, PUSH The events that are missed, PUSH The life that's falling apart, … Continue reading P.U.S.H…..

Why me Lord?

Why me Lord? This burden is to much to carry. How much longer Lord will you tarry? I know you are with me until the end, But how much more can I bend? Even during my nights of mourning, You reassure me, "Joy comes in the morning!" When I feel lost and everyone's gone, you … Continue reading Why me Lord?

The Long Night

The Long night is now upon you, the memories of the day soon to haunt you. Did you do this right, did you do this wrong? What will happen next? These thoughts make the night so long. Hear the distant train rolling through the quiet of the night, think of it's power, can you tackle … Continue reading The Long Night


I apologize for not having published anything lately... We live in a area that is prone to flooding from torrential rain systems...hurricane matthew nearly flooded my home..hurricane Florence will probably get it. We've been busy and doing as much as possible prepping ourselves and home for this major hurricane. When things calm down, I'll be … Continue reading Apologies

There’s always Hope…

When you're kissed by morning's first light, wake up ready to begin you're fight. Another night you've made it through, Now to conquer this day is the goal for you. Be courageous, for there's no place for fear, NEVER feel defeated, your victory is so near. Set goals and task that you know you can … Continue reading There’s always Hope…

Spared for a Purpose

So it seems life wants you to give up, Take a Deep breath, say this is not enough. Disheartening to hear It's going to take time, Weeks, Months, Years, but you'll be fine. Your brain needs time to heal, Then your Dr. gives you a new pill. Their motives are honest and true, To help … Continue reading Spared for a Purpose

To Many for God???

To many diagnoses to explain,                               and you're so tired of the pain. To many Doctor visits to recall,                         here take this pill it will help it all. To … Continue reading To Many for God???

The Devil’s Whispered Words…

What was your devilish thought the day I was injured, Did you and your demons think you were the winner? Were you there when I was laid out on the hospital bed, were you Hoping you did enough that I'd end up dead? With diagnosed words overheard the joy you must've felt, Especially when the … Continue reading The Devil’s Whispered Words…